by Bill Jr Jr

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released July 28, 2016

All songs written by Russell Gendron

Russell Gendron - Guitar/Vocals
Andrew Hewins - Bass
Emily Huynh - Piano/Vocals
Byron Peters - Drums
Zak Youseff - Trumpet

Recorded by Tom Prilesky at Spirit Vegetable and by Russell Gendron
Mixed and Mastered by Tom Prilesky



all rights reserved


Bill Jr Jr Vancouver, British Columbia

Bill Jr. Jr.'s autobiographical approach to songs meander, dream like, through feelings of uncertainty and loss, physical neighbourhoods and change.

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Track Name: Drumheller
With hands behind my head
and feet towards the sky
The faint sense of a plan
reminds me that I'm alive

Onwards on the road
let's see what comes of this
I wonder if you too
feel empty and aimless

Pardon me for saying
what should be dead and gone
I guess that I'm still catching
up to those who've moved on

The sharpness of the loss
well i guess i took care of that
now it's back to that old dull
pain that won't cut me any slack

The Prairies they roll on
just like They decided to do
Black Beauty
I feel as old as you

You would think
that I...
Got away

To be loved
it's not enough
I have to show
what I am
Track Name: Shimmer
There was a time when I used to have it all
I'll be back there as soon as I regain control.

Give me a piece of paper and a pen
and I'll tell you
All of the things that I've
been holding onto

There's something that happens that confused and distracted people do
They remember what they don't have and forget the things that they do

I'm diseased, I'm the cure
this neighbourhood has no more allure
and neither do you

yeah the sun
it still shines so
shimmer, won't you
Track Name: Practice
You got a whale on your wall and a cat in your lap
oh you're kicking back
So we sit on your floor and you tell me things
you tell me about your dreams

And I, got an idea
for me and you
How's, how's about
we help each other through

You got peace in the valley
I've got drugs in my alley
But I'd spend all of my money away
Just to sit here all day

What I, what I've got
ain't no condition
It's just a bad, bad case
of self deprecation

All the fires have gone out and the cold's rolled in
I'm moving on again
I'll see you around in the winter time
Don't forget to shine, on me

Too long, too long I've been
bored and passive
But I'm, I'm not done
just out of practice
Track Name: Spring
Won't you come and try to meet me
can't you tell that I've been sleeping
forget the night, forget the cold
you and i could grow old together.

In your kitchen we would dance
quiet moving in a trance
leave our voices for the night
lean on each other and just die

Remember Ben, remember Liam
Oh my god I must be dreaming
Don't forget to pack your cat
We're going to the woods and we're never coming back

Now I slide along in the city
but I'm not coming with me
I'm not hungry stomach's empty
fuck this job and fuck I'm crazy

I lost my friend and I lost my car
have to know where you are
from a family been barred
all they can say is change is hard

I'm still confused and still distracted
sometimes wonder how I acted
think I loved you the most
or was it you or you or was it both

well it doesn't really seem to matter
not the former nor the latter
if I'm gonna go to hell
at least I'll be going with myself...

The moonlit nights and the autumn air
wink at me pull me back there
down the alley kicking stones
as i drag myself home

This neighbourhood has lost its charm
streets have now all been scarred
drinking beers in the park
staring out alone into the dark

I try to pull myself together
be alone, work get stronger
surely soon i'll feel better
make my way through this letter

well I wouldn't know how to tell it
except to say how I felt it
death and change bring something new
I'd like to feel what it is to not love you
Track Name: Paulie
You stand by
and talk to me
at night

The smiles that you send
feel as real
as they did
when you were alive

I guess you'd say things didn't go as planned
I can feel you now and I think that I understand
But I wonder, if anyone
else can...

I miss your hands
and the wrinkles
your eyes

It's winter now
and how you'd love
to watch the snow
in the sky

Yeah and as time goes by
I can feel the great divide
you underground
and me...
so alive
Track Name: Neighbours
Turn my face
turn my face to mush
count me one
one, two, three rosemary bush
it's better that
we stay out of the light
you go your way
and I'll sink
back into the night

Save a few
save a few friends for me
an old, a new, a best
count again to three
beg you again
you know that i would
for a glimpse of the moon
through the cottonwoods

so draw me
a picture
would you please
of a cabin at night or music
in my street
a frame for me
i can clench
as i die a little
on this
corner bench

Hold my hand
hold my hand in the dark
drink once, drink twice, drink three times and walk through the park
confused again
would you help me through
what's happening to me
is it happening to you